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Mama & Baby

Services - People (Mama & Baby)Pre-Baby

Nothing brings about change quicker than welcoming baby home! Selecting paint colors for the nursery is just the start. You’ll need to organize all of that baby gear and, more importantly, implement systems that will make life easier once baby arrives.


  • Nursery setup/space planning/placing furniture
  • Baby-proofing
  • Freeing up storage space for baby gear and supplies in the kitchen, bathroom, and family room
  • Helping you select items for your baby registry/ shopping assistance

Playrooms & Toy Organizing

  • Recommending and shopping for storage furniture and products to help you manage toys
  • Creating kid-friendly spaces where kids will want to play
  • Creating categories and zones for play
  • Developing systems for routine sorting and purging to manage toys and keep clutter at bay

Kids’ Closets & Clothing Management

  • Setting up systems for storing “to grow into” clothing and keeping it organized so you can easily find what you need when you need it
  • Maximizing space in a kid’s closet
  • Closet design and product recommendations

Kids’ Artwork & Memorabilia/Keepsakes

  • Setting up systems to store artwork
  • Suggestions for displaying your budding artist’s masterpieces
  • Teaching you and your child how together you both can decide what to keep
  • Products for storing and preserving artwork, photographs, and keepsakes


Services - People (Seniors)Whether you decide to it’s best to remain in your home, downsize to an apartment, or move into a retirement community, SIMPLIFY℠ helps you answer the question, “Where do I start?” 

Aging in Place

  • Clearing clutter by helping you decide what to keep and when to let go
  • Creating a safe, healthy, aging-friendly home
  • Implementing mail and paper management systems
  • Creating an inventory of your home and its belongings
  • Rearranging furniture and creating systems to help you remain in your current home

Moving to a New Home

  • Planning and preparing for a move/downsize
  • Packing up and moving (link to Moving page)
  • Working side by side with you so that you experience less stress and retain more control
  • Setting up bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces in your new home
  • Working with family members to ease the transition for everyone
  • Photo organizing & family history preservation (link to photo org page)
  • Administrative assistance (managing mail/paper, schedule and action items, writing letters & thank you notes)
  • Performing household tasks and running errands


Services - People (Students)Each school year brings a new environment, new routines, and new expectations. SIMPLIFY℠ wants to make sure your elementary-aged, teenaged, or college student starts and ends the year with high marks!

Organizing Services for Students

  • Space planning
  • Creating storage for book bags and sports supplies when not in use
  • Setting-up organized homework/study area in your home, complete with all the tools for success
  • Paper flow and paper management
  • Don’t lose homework and/or important papers
  • Keep track of assignments and projects due with an organized calendar/planner
  • Custom filing systems to match your classwork, homework, and special projects
  • Preparing and getting organized for the next day (behaviors & habits)
  • Time management & scheduling
  • Back-to-School prep for Mom & Dad!
  • Pre-K to College Days… updating systems as needs change over the years


Services - People(Solopreneurs)As a solopreneur, the three most valuable resources to manage and protect are your SPACE, PAPER, and TIME. You wear every hat everyday. Your business depends on you running faster, smoother, and more efficiently. SIMPLIFY℠ helps you plan and organize your physical space, prioritize your tasks and schedules, and implement systems that bring structure , flow, and control to your day. Your home office is your headquarters. Make your office work for you from desktop to file cabinet!

SIMPLIFY℠ will help with:


  • Office space planning, furniture purchase/layout
  • Setting-up your home office ”command center”
  • Supplies management, containerizing & clutter control


  • Decision-making using paper retention guidelines (Which papers stay? Which papers go?)
  • Creating systems for organized paper flow (Where does this paper enter? How is it used? When should it exit?)
  • File system creation- Our custom, intuitative system will allow you to find any file in 15 seconds or less.
  • Managing/filing/retrieving all types of paper (forms, receipts, coupons, client files, timesheets, schedules, vendor files, projects, financial files, reference files)
  • Setting-up an AMY-File (“Always Managing Yourself!”) This is our magic bullet for managing time-sensitive paper.
  • Going digital, or transitioning to a “near” paperless office


  • Structuring your day… time and task management, “calendaring”, and prioritizing
  • Adding more time back into your day / recoup lost time caused by disorganization and lack of planning
  • Being on time for meetings & appointments
  • No more missed deadlines
  • Reaching big picture goals by breaking them down into steps and managing the details
  • Improving sales/ business results
  • Achieving work/life balance

Situationally Disorganized

SD-SquareWhat does it mean to be SITUATIONALLY DISORGANIZED?

You are typically very organized (or mostly organized), but have become disorganized due to an overwhelming life change. When you experience a major event, whether something positive like a new baby, or something negative,like the loss of a loved one, it can cause you to lose control of the order in your home and the routine of your life. Too much new-ness is hard for everyone, even professional organizers use organizers to get through a time of increased stress/ change.

Life does not stop happening when these big, life changes occur… bills still need to be paid, the kids still need help with homework… and the paper keeps flowing into your home! If you were busy before, it will be even harder to catch-up, and things will snowball out of control. The help of a professional organizer is hugely beneficial when you are SITUATIONALLY DISORGANIZED. We can assist you in returning your home and life back to its organized, stress-free state!

Here are some examples of an overwhelming life change:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce/ separation
  • Destruction of home (flood, fire, crime)
  • Downsizing (moving to retirement community or assisted living)
  • Marriage/ Merging households
  • Medical issues (difficultly with physical movement)
  • New home
  • New baby
  • New job/ job loss (requiring you to work from home)
  • Elderly parents move-in
  • Grown children move-out

SIMPLIFY℠ assists our clients through all of these overwhelming life events with great care, sensitivity and compassion. We understand how challenging and emotional life can be when in the midst of significant change and are ready to help! 

Naturally Disorganized

Services - People(Naturally Disorganized)Those who have struggled with disorganization most of their lives understand what it means to be “Naturally Disorganized!” Getting organized is not easy for them, or fun, and often feels impossible! Even those who have managed to create some semblance of order in their lives, but who have had to work harder than others to achieve it, are likely Naturally Disorganized.

There is a term in the Professional Organizing Industry initiated by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization called “Chronically Disorganized.” This is synonymous with our term, “Naturally Disorganized.”

So, how can you tell if you are “Naturally Disorganized?”


1. Do you have a long history with clutter and disorganization?

2. Have you had consistent failed attempts at becoming organized through the years and have self-help techniques proved useless?

3. Does disorganization negatively affect you in some way every day, or interfere with your relationships?

If you have answered yes to all three of these questions, you are Naturally Disorganized.

Those with ADD, OCD and/or certain ANXIETY DISORDERS often consider themselves to be Naturally Disorganized. If you have struggled to get organized throughout your life and it has never come easy, SIMPLIFY can help! We work one-on-one with you in a no-blame, no-shame, non-judgmental manner to help you overcome the clutter and set-up lasting systems. We aim to transfer skills and teach you techniques that you can use even when we are not by you side.

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization also coined the term “body-doubling” to describe the act of a professional organizer serving as “an anchor for a client to get work accomplished.” Simplify can be your accountability partner and assist you through the completion of unfinished projects, or difficult tasks. There is nothing wrong with being naturally disorganized, and it doesnt mean that you can’t ever get organized, it just means that you require a little more support.

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