Home Office Services


What do you get when you cross a busy family with a system-less home? Rushed mornings…late bills… piles of paper & clutter!

The good news is there’s another way! Simplify will analyze your space, your daily routines, your life goals, and develop smart systems so your household runs smoothly.

We have solutions for:

  • Managing daily paper & mail (Your kitchen counters will love this!)
  • School paperwork & kids’ artwork (You know, the ole “backpack attack!”)
  • Sorting, storing and quickly finding every type of paper imaginable (coupons, receipts, tickets, recipes, forms, bills, statements, warranties, sticky-note reminders, taxes, invitations, and more!)
  • Staying on top of your family’s schedule (That means building-in time for you too, Mom!)

Do you run a small business or work from home? It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in… organization will help. When you work efficiently and can retrieve items quickly, you will save time, money, and reduce workday stress.

Simplify listens, assesses your unique needs and then customizes any of the following for you:


  • Decluttering
  • Space Planning
  • Product Recommendations
  • Supply Management


  • File System Set-up
  • Paper Management & Flow
  • Scanning & Shredding
  • File Retention Guidelines


  • Goals & Routines
  • Time Management
  • Task Management
  • Productivity

Click on the circles below that best describe your needs and learn about Simplify’s services.: