The Simplify Sun

A Simplified Approach to the Start of the School Year

There are certain times of the year that seem to have a natural “reset” button… a time when routines shift and we welcome a renewed perspective. The back-to- school season is one of those times. Without a doubt, a new school year brings a fresh start and more to your... read more

Organizing Kids’ Artwork

Want a fast, easy way to organize kids’ artwork? Try an art portfolio! As soon as art (worthy of saving) emerges from the backpack, add the date and slide it directly into the plastic sleeve. Voila! Yep, it’s that simple. Artwork stored in a box, or even... read more

Spring is in the Air… Time to Clean Your Lair

Well, there are more snowdrops than snowfall on the ground. It’s official, spring has sprung and with that comes a natural urge to clean house. Here are 7 spring cleaning tips to get you started. Purge Your Closet- Switch those heavy sweaters for your tank tops, and... read more

What’s Your Lego Type?

We here at Simplify aren’t just organizing experts, we’re parents too. We also have to deal with our kids and their toys and can certainly relate! Legos provide hours of entertainment for children (and parents too), but one stray brick can bring pain that will make... read more

BINfatuation: Love at First Sight

Most of us have a love affair with bins, baskets, and containers. We buy them believing they are the magic bullet and the answer to our every conflict with clutter. We believe they will instantly make our lives easier, but friends…tread lightly in this relationship.... read more